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Diaphragm valves are designed to meet 3A standards. The valves are manufactured from SS 316 / SS 316L bar stock/investment castings Diaphragm is food grade EPDM or silicon or viton. End connections can be tri-clamp, flanged or butt weld. The smooth contoured body, pocketless design and electropolished interior surface prevents accumulation of process fluids and contaminants.Can be steam sterilised. Down Load PDF
GMP Loop Valve can be utilized to eliminate dead legs in the design of point of use outlets in atypical WFI/DM piping distribution loop. As the process fluid flows through the valve body, as demand warrants,the valve isopened providing an uncontaminated sample which may accumulate in outlets greater than 3D. The outlet can also be utilised as a steam condensate drain or as a divert port. The valve has been modified to accept a third port of the same diameter or smaller, positioned adjacent to the bottom of the valve. Typically the GMP valve is oriented in the vertical position. For horizontal process applications, the sterile access valve (T type) is recommended. Down Load PDF
Non-return valve is designed to prevent reverse flow with positiveshut off. The valve body is in two parts, assembled by means of a clamping and hygienically sealed with a special seal ring. A guide plate guides the spring loaded valve plug with an O-ring seal. Sizes available are ",1", 1 ", 2", 2", 3" Down Load PDF
Butterfly valves are specially designed for powders, viscous media such as gels, toothpaste and creams.Can be welded, screwed, clamped or flange-fitted The valves can be dismantled and assembled without tools and in minutes The valves can can be cleaned and steam sterilised. End Connections can be IDF, SMS, DIN, TC Clamp, butt-weld; flanged Down Load PDF
Sanitary pressure relief valve is spring loaded self setting /self actuating design that is preset and actuated directly by up stream static line pressure. The valve is set at the factory with replacable setting rings that range from 3.5 to 7.5 Kg. The valve can be installed any position, but vertical is recommended to reduce valve wear. Down Load PDF
Sampling Valves are designed to extract process samples and bleed off excess condensate while maintaining product sterility. The sampling valves can withstand typical sterilization protocols.The sampling valve can be installed directly in line and allows a sample to be taken or condensate to be drained without the typical hold up volume or contact surfaces inherent to branch valve assemblies. Down Load PDF
Flow Diversional Valves are double seated 3-port valves designed for use in steri systems. Both the stem and body bonnet have product protection chambers. Steam and sterilising media can be circulated through the valve preventing contaminants in product contact areas. The valves are fabricated from SS 316/304/316L. The gasket and O rings are of food-grade EPDM or Viton or silicon and seat of PTFE (teflon) FDV can be actuated electrically or pneumatically. Down Load PDF
Flush Bottom Valves are designed for corrosion resistant, sanitary applications.Solid construction ensures maximum reliability . Clean-up and maintenance costs are reduced due to a unique, simple design that allows fast dismantling without tools Sizes available 1", 1 ", 2", 2", 3" Down Load PDF
Multi-Port Block Valves are designed for aseptic applications.Solid construction ensures maximum reliability. Advantages include: Compact design,Reduced surface contact ensures minimum hold-up volume & cross contamination,Combination of many different nominal tube diameters, Optimised drainability, Minimum dead-legs and reduction of tubing & fittings. Sizes available 1", 1 ", 2", 2", 3" Down Load PDF