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Turbojet Tank Cleaning Nozzle, full automatic powered by the cleaning fluid. This tank cleaning system is designed for large volumetric tanks in the pharma, food, distilleries, beverage, dairies, chemicals and other process industries. It is a fully automatic, high impact, cleaning system and achieves fast and quality cleaning results in tanks, reactors and other process equipment.
The heart of the turbojet Cleaner is an internal hydraulic motor, powered by the cleaning fluid, which makes the nozzles perform a geared rotation around the horizontal and vertical axis automatically.. the first cycle sees a coarse pattern on tank surface. Density of spray is gradually increased as a full spray pattern is laid in the final cycle. The number of cycles required for proper cleaning usually depends on the cleaning distance, cleaning procedure and cleaning agent. For easily mobilised substances one cycle would be sufficient.
The speed of the turbine is directly proportional to the flow rate of the machine. The higher flow rate will result in high speed rotation. To control the RPM of the machine the flow rate is controlled through nozzles of various orifice
Technical Specifications
Material Of Construction: SS 316, PTFE
Operating Pressure : 3 to 10 bar
Recommended Pressure : 4 to 7 bar
Maximum Throw : 4 to 8 meter
End Connection : 1 BSP/ NPT
Tank Opening : 155 mm dia
Weight : 5.5 kg