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The Spray Ball is a simple yet a highly effective device for the internal washing of process and storage tanks. A Spray Ball, powered by the cleaning fluid, generates a high pressure spray to clean every part of the vessel. There is only one moving part and no maintenance whatsoever . No lubrication is necessary which prevents any risk of oil or grease contamination of the product, making the spray ball ideally suited for hygiene sensitive applications.
These versatile units operate with a wide variety of chemicals and detergents frequently in hostile environments and temperatures upto 120 deg. C and water pressures around 2.8 Kg/cm2 Area of vessel coverage can be 1.5 meter to 3 meter.
Spray Balls are made of high grade stainless steel AISI 316. End connections are Tri-clamp or flanged. ”Spray Ball are offered in two designs viz. Multiple Nozzle design & Slit design .Complete mounting assemlies are available.