IEWI manufacture sanitary stainless steel process euipment for pharma, food, beverage, dairy, cosmetics & allied industries. We design and manufacture Aseptic Process Piping, PW//WFI/Pure Steam Distribution loops,Sanitising & Cleaning Equipment & Customised process euipment including aseptic storage tanks,process mixers/stirrers,aseptic heat exchangers,Process tank samplers etc.we also undertake on-site orbital welding with boroscopy ,on-site surface passivation & on-site electropolishing.We provide validation documentation for FDA & cGMP certification. Our manufacturing range:
Sanitary Stainless Steel Piping
Sanitary Stainless Steel Fittings| Sanitary Stainless Steel Valves|,
Sanitary Split Butterfly Steel Valves|,
Sanitary Stainless Steel Pumps|, Sanitary Stainless Steel Filters|,
PW/WFI/Pure Steam Distribution Loops|, Sanitary Stainless Storage Tanks|, Sanitary Stainless Steel Heat Exchangers|,
Clean Room Accessories:
Stainless Steel Drains|, Pendents ((Service Shafts)|, Hand Sanitiser |,
Shoe Cover Dispenser|, Clean Room Furniture |
Cleaning/Sanitising Systems:
Spray Balls (Self Rotating)|, Turbojet Tank/Agitator Cleaner Cleaning Nozzles |, Water Saver Nozzle |, Hose Down Wash Station |, CIP / SIP Modules|, SIP Modules Glass Flask Washing Station|, Crates Washing Station|, Drum Washing Station |, IBC Washing Station, FBD Bags Washing Station, Pigging System |
On-Site Services:
On-Site Electro-Polishing Services|, Orbital Welding |,