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Removal and recovery of valuable product, from process pipe lines as well as expediting cleaning is an extremely important process. The most effective way to accomplish these tasks is with Industrial Equipwash Inc. Product Recovery System. When viscous products (creams, pastes, ointments) are pumped through tubing in a process system, a certain amount of product will be left behind. Residual will either dilute or leave large deposits attached to the inside wall of the tubing. While water and air are often used to remove this residual, these methods only work to a certain degree. The IEWI Product Recovery System works on a simple, yet extremely effective, principle. Our product recovery system consists of a launcher, a catcher and a pig (one-piece, solid molded urethane projectile). Prior to start-up, the pig is placed in the launcher located in the pipeline and just down stream from the pump. Once the run is completed, air pressure is applied to the pig to push it through the main pipeline, forcing the remaining product to a recovery point at the end of the pipeline. The projectile travels through standard 90 elbows until it reaches the catcher, and then the propulsion