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IEWI have developed various versions of the IBC Wash Stations keeping theapplication of the client mind as also the constraints that are normally existingat the site in the wash area.The IBC is first loaded on a specially designed trolley/ monorail . The door ofthe IBC wash station which is in the non-sterile area, is then opened andthe IBC is guided into the wash roomafter which is the door closes. The trolley mounted IBC is then latchedonto a conveyor mechanism, which is anin-built feature of the IBC wash station.The conveyor guides IBC and locks it atthe “point of washing”in the washing machine, the bank of sensors send thetrigger to the PLC which starts washingcycle. A specially designed self-rotary cleaning nozzle is introduced into the IBC.The pressure generated by the special purpose high pressure multistage pumpuses the nozzle to spin on its verticalaxis with a velocity sufficient to ensurea thorough cleaning of the internals of the IBC. External cleaning of the IBC is done with help of strategically positioned flat V-jet nozzles The time duration and the sequence of operation of the washing cycle is monitoredby a PLC each wash programmed beforea start of the process by the user. After the washing cycles are over steam sterisation can be done.