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IEWI Hose Down Unit ( Mixing Battery ) provides instantaneous hot water economically by mixing steam and ambient water to the required temperature through a simple turn of a knob. The mixing battery is supplied with isolation valves, check valves, union joints, strainers and thermometer to know the temperature of the emerging hot water. Mixing battery provides industry with cheap hot water wherever steam is available, along with water. It incorporates a hydraulic fail safe device, so that when correctly installed and maintained, no steam regardless of its pressure can enter the mixing chamber until the water flows to raise the steam valve of its seat. When turned off at the outlet, there is an immediate and positive shut-off.When the outlet controls are opened and cold water flows into the mixing valve, the differential pressure across the piston causes it to raise, thereby compressing the fixed loaded spring and raising the steam valve of its seat. The steam thus released, is surrounded by the cold water in the defusing chamber, which on mixing provides instantaneous hot water at the outlet.When the outlet control is turned-off, there is then static water pressure which allows a larger internal stainless steel spring, to close the steam valve back onto its seat. This shuts off the steam completely so there is no steam present in the mixing chamber under any flow conditions .Mixing battery is available in various configurations viz. two services or three services or four services depending upon the customer requirement. Services can be potable water, steam, compressed air and dm water. Hose Down Stations are offered as mobile trolley mounted units or as wall-mounted units.