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The stainless-steel cartridge housings are designed for final ultra- filtration of liquids or gases through cartridge filters. The housings are designed to ASME code standards, All welds are ground flush, and polished to a high-quality sanitary finish. The housings have a removable cartridge manifold to allow for complete disassembly of the downstream side, and ease of cleaning of all fluid contact surfaces. The housings are in-line steam-sterilisable These housings can accept any cartridge element in various configurations of DOE, code '7', BSP male thread, or tie rod .
Inlet/outlet are in varying sizes of 1/2" to 4" in TC end or DIN or SMS connections, If industrial uses are earmarked then flanged connection of ASA 150/BS 10 - table can also be fitted. Threaded connection in NPT and BSP can be supplied on request. Vent valve at the light point for purging is provided along with a Tee connection for a pressure gauge. A drain valve at the bottom of the housing is provided DOWN LOAD CATALOGUE
Vent Filter is designed for the sterile air venting of containers and tanks. The housing are made from AISI 316 Stainless Steel, the surfaces are highly polished. Slits in the upper part of the top ensure complete drying out of the system after sterilization ( avoids problems with entrapped moisture ). The housing base has a bayonet-type hold on the upper side and a connector with female threaded nut on the underside DOWN LOAD PDF CATALOGUE
The conical filter separates visible particles from liquids/gases.SS 316/304 quality conical filter comprises of two conical bodies, coupled with tri clamp. The filter element is a stainless steel mesh (100 # to 500 #) supported on a perforated plate and inserted in rubber seat and both being sandwiched for proper seating. Materials - All wetted parts SS316,Gaskets are Silicon, Teflon, EPDM, or Viton
Connection - Tri clamp or DIN or SMS or BSP
Pressure - 10.5 bars max. (150 psig) DOWN LOAD PDF CATALOGUE