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10pt,arial"> <a href=drumwash.html> Drum Washing Station</a></td></tr> <tr><td font style=" font: 10pt,arial"> <a href=ibcwash.html> IBC Washing Station</a></td></tr> <tr><td font style=" font: 10pt,arial"> <a href=fbdwash.html> FBD Bags Washing Station</a></td></tr> <tr><td font style=" font: 10pt,arial"> <a href=pigging.html> Pigging System</a></td></tr> <tr><td font style=" font: 10pt,arial " >New Product Launch</font> </td></tr> <tr><td font style=" font: 10pt,arial"> <a href=topreactorsampler.html> Top Reactor Sampler</a></td></tr> </table> </TD> </TR> <TR> <TD bgcolor=8F8FBD cellpadding=50 cellspacing=50 width=500 ><font style=" font: 10pt,arial"> Industrial EquipWash Inc. are India<sup>,</sup>s leading manufacturers of sanitary stainless steel piping, cleaning & sanitising equipment,customised aseptic proceess equipment & clean room acessories for the pharma, bio-pharma, food, beverage, cosmetics ,breweries, dairy & allied industries.<br> IEWI was established in 2001 by a team of experienced engineers with a mission to provide reliable,cost-effective aseptic process equipment conforming to FDA and cGMP standards.Our equipment have been meeting the needs of our customers all over India and also exported to European Union, UAE, Malaysia,Hong Kong, Bangladesh, Kenya, & others. We have a committed team of engineers, tecnicians & application specialists to deliver demanding aseptic process equipment. <br> <b> Manufacturing Infrastructure</b><br> IEWI have modern facillities for engineering design, manufacture & testing whether euipment meet user requirement specifications .We have a team of technicians for on-site errection and after sales service.<br> <b> Validation Support</b><br> Our equipment conform to FDA/ cGMP standards ,we provide validation documentation (DQ,IQ,OQ & PQ) and SOPs for regulatory approvals. <br><br> <b> Industrial Equip Wash Inc.</b> <br> 8/B, Surat Singh Indl. Estate, S . V. Road, Jogeshwari(W),<br> Mumbai - 400 102. (INDIA) <br> Tel : (022) 2679 7941Fax: 2679 8066| Mobile: 9869231815 |<br> E-mail : iewi@mtnl.net.in | iewi@vsnl.net | Website : www.iewi.net</font> </TD></TR> </TABLE> </center> </body> </html>